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Dongguan City Xin Mu Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, specializing in the world famous brands of electronic components sales and services, to provide high quality electronic components products and information services for network communication, computer and peripherals, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial control, medical equipment and other industries.
After years of steady development, the company has been growing and growing up. In order to better expand overseas customers, Xinhe Electronic Technology (Hongkong) company has been established. Now with the domestic and foreign well-known brand manufacturers to establish the interdependence and mutual development of the partnership, so far, has become the agents and distributors, Samsung, Hua Xinke, Yageo sound, WE, the thickness of TOKYO, SAST, Hill, Leshan.
The company has set up a sales network based on Dongguan, which radiated all parts of the country. The service area has been spread throughout the major developed cities of the major electronics industry, and has a fast response and perfect service marketing team. The electronic components of the agent brand have a lot of stock in the year, and the specifications are complete. 1500 square meters of logistics base, and opened 24 hour quick service, through the logistics operation mode of modernization to the hands of customers throughout the country, in quality, price, delivery, service and technology has obvious competitive advantage and stable quality, and thoughtful service to obtain customer trust and leading market position the.
The company is committed to becoming one of the first class electronic components distributors in the world. It promotes service through professional technical support team, establishes an efficient communication bridge between the original plant and users, and provides one-stop product supporting services and technical information support for customers.
Xinmu (Xinhe) Electronics will be unremitting efforts, continuous pursuit of innovation, the sincere cooperation attitude, and return the colleagues from all walks of life to our strong support! We believe: to pay all sincerity and effort, we will become your stable and win-win cooperation partner, create a broad future together!


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Address: Hong Bao business building on the village Changan town Dongguan City, room 508
Tel: +86-769-85075532
Mobile phone: 13423041411 Mr Li
Fax: +86-769-85383337
E-mail: danny@dgxinmu.com
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Address: Hong Bao business building on the village Changan town Dongguan City, room 508 Tel:0769-85075532 FAX:0769-85383337
E-mail:danny@dgxinmu.com Technical support:Dongguan network companydongdian
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