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General knowledge of SMD resistor capacitor

According to the capacity of a capacitor in high voltage chip capacitors, high capacitance capacitor,high frequency capacitance; by use of vehicle and ordinary capacitors, SMD capacitors, Mu XinElectronics is YAGEO, Samsung SAMSUNG, Guoju heshentang level agents, quality assurance,reasonable price, timely delivery!

To know the resistance patch:

1, patch resistor and patch capacitance values are represented with the "R" combination of digitalrepresentation. For example: 3ohm 3R0, 10ohm 100, 100ohm 101, that is to say "R" ".", and after the 101 digit "1" is 1 with 0, such as 102 10000.

2, numbers and letters on the resistance that is the resistance, R002 0.002ohm, said the 18ohm. is180

3, how to distinguish between the patch resistor and a capacitor, the resistance above the whitefont, so in addition to end angle the background color should be black, and there is no capacitancefont, no black color, because it is easy to let the black people misunderstand the capacitance by oxidation.

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