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You know the basic structure resistor?

The resistor is composed of the following components:

By 1, substrate materials generally three oxidation 96% two alumina ceramic substrate. Besidesshould have good electrical insulation, but also has excellent thermal conductivity at high temperature. The electrical properties and mechanical strength and other characteristics.

Has a certain resistivity with 2, resistive film resistor paste printed onto the ceramic substrate,followed by sintering. Resistance paste with two ruthenium oxide.

3, in order to ensure the electrode resistor has good solderability and reliability, generally adopts three layers: inner electrode structure. The outer electrode.

4, protective film protective film covering on the resistive film, mainly to protect the body resistanceon mechanical protection. On the one hand, on the other hand the resistor body surface insulationresistance, avoid contact with adjacent conductors and the failure in the process of electroplating.The intermediate electrode, can prevent the erosion of electroplating solution the resistance filmcaused resistance decreased. Protective film is generally low melting point glass paste.


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