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Inductor inductor, SMD beads, what is the difference?

This two word inductor and inductance difference only one man in the literal sense, so they havewhat difference? The inductor (inductor) and transformer are insulated conductor (e.g. enameled wire, wire etc.) electromagnetic induction element formed by winding, and it is also one of thecomponents used in electronic circuits, related products such as common mode filter etc.. The inductor (inductor) and transformer are insulated conductor (e.g. enameled wire, wire etc.)electromagnetic induction element formed by winding, and it is also one of the components used in electronic circuits, related products such as common mode filter etc..

Inductance (inductance) is a kind of attribute of closed loop, when the current through the closed circuit changes, there will be a change in current electromotive force to resist. This is called selfinductance, closed loop property itself. The current hypothesis of a closed loop change, the electromotive force in a closed circuit due to induction, this is called mutual inductance. Purchase,Dongguan Xin Mu magnetic inductor electronic, Mr. Li Tel 13423041411

The difference between the inductance and the chip beads are as follows:

1, there are more than one turn coil used is called inductance coil, less than one turn (straight wirering) coil used to call the beads;

2, the inductance is the energy storage element, and chip beads is converted to energy(consumption) device;

3, inductance for power filter circuit, magnetic beads used for signal circuit for EMC,countermeasures;

4, SMD beads is mainly used to suppress the interference of electromagnetic radiation, and itfocuses on the inductance for suppressing conductive interference. Both can be used for processing EMC, EMI;

5, inductance control circuit for matching and signal quality. The combination of analog and digital ground place with SMD beads.

6, SMD beads of high resistivity and permeability, he is equivalent to the resistance and inductancein series, but the resistance and inductance values with frequency change. He has high frequencyfiltering characteristics better than ordinary inductance, showing resistance at high frequency, so itcan maintain a high impedance in a wide frequency range, so as to improve the frequency filtering effect.

7, as a power supply filter, inductor can be used. The bead is the inductance circuit symbols can be seen but the model is used in the magnetic circuit function, magnetic beads and inductor is thesame principle, but the frequency characteristics of different.

8, the composition of ferrite bead inductor core and the coils, the magnetic beads, the AC signal isconverted to heat, the AC inductance stored, slow release.

9, have a larger chip beads effects on the high frequency signal, general specification for 100 euro /100mMHZ, its resistance at low frequency is much smaller than the inductance.



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