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Glass application and the advantages and disadvantages of gas discharge tube

Xin Mu electronics production and sales of glass gas discharge tube is widely used in common mode protection, often in a passive circuit for differential mode protection. Such as: power supply, data, information receiving, medical equipment, communications, consumer products, high-frequency circuits, 3G communications products, communications base station equipment and other electrostatic communications and home appliances and other products.

A for power supply

B, for data transfer device

C, antenna device or antenna / signal circuit including movable parts

D antistatic device

E, a variety of medical devices

The glass has the advantages of gas discharge tube:

Before the breakdown (lead) is equivalent to open circuit, the resistance is great, almost no leakage current;

After the breakdown (conduction) is equivalent to a short circuit, can pass a lot of current, the pressure drop is small;

(3) pulse through flow capacity (peak current): ceramic gas discharge tube 8 / 20 microsecond wave peak current commonly used is 5ka, 10kA, 20KA several (and, of course, greater, up to above 100kA), 10 mu s wave peak current between the tens to hundreds of a; put the glass tube 8 / 20 microsecond wave peak current existing 500A, 1ka, 3KA; semiconductor overvoltage protector of 10 mu s wave peak current in several tens to a hundred.

In addition to the individual semiconductor overvoltage protection device, they all have symmetrical characteristics.

The capacitor ceramic gas discharge tube and glass tube are very small, below 3pF.

The glass discharge tube and semiconductor overvoltage protection device the response speed is very fast, in the order of ns.

The breakdown voltage of the glass tube can be very high, the highest was 5kV.

The breakdown voltage of semiconductor overvoltage protection device can be very accurate

The gas discharge tube of glass defect:

The flow capacity is lower than the ceramic gas discharge tube is much smaller.

The series value of the breakdown voltage is not yet formed.

The breakdown voltage of the glass discharge tube was large, and it was 20%.

The semiconductor overvoltage protection capacitor is large, there are tens to hundreds of pF.

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