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Why did you choose to Shen Tong Wo high voltage chip capacitors?

The current high-voltage capacitors are divided into: high voltage ceramic capacitors, high voltage film capacitors, high pressure ethylene polypropylene capacitors and the like. Among them, the most talked about high voltage ceramic capacitors,
The main excels in its high-voltage ceramic capacitors, small size, high pressure, stable performance, oil-free air, no pollution and does not have explosive hazard.
Wo Shen Tong is the only covering active and passive dual-channel and diversified company with manufacturing plants. And their capacitance with voltage, high capacity is known, won numerous customer recognition, Shen Tong Wo focused only on high-voltage chip capacitors much higher than its market share, Samsung, too lure other domestic brands. One of our sales Shen Tong Wo when high-voltage chip capacitors need to understand clearly with customers in the use of often there are some errors: for example voltage side, in the application of direct high, X-ray machines, security, high-frequency pulse, etc., He said DC voltage. By contrast, in network equipment, testing equipment and a number of grid applications, technical staff tend to say that the AC voltage on the different versions habits, engineering and sales staff will need to understand the different voltage requirements. Learn clear voltage and current clients that we can do the right sales job!


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