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TVS transient suppression diodes can attack featurescapacitor material number note

Brief introduction of TVS transient suppression diodes and function:
TVS circuit symbol is the same as the ordinary regulator tube. The volt-ampere characteristic curve, such as characteristics as shown in figure. Its positive features the same as the common diode, reverse characteristics for typical of PN junction avalanche devices. Under the action of surge voltage, the TVS by the rated voltage between the poles reverse turn-off voltage VWM rise to VBR breakdown voltage, breakdown. With the emergence of breakdown current, the current through the TVS peak pulse current IPP, at the same time on both ends of the voltage is clamped to a predetermined maximum clamping voltage VC below. Behind, according to the exponential decay as the pulse current, voltage between TVS poles are falling, finally back to the initial state, this is TVS inhibit possible surge pulse power, to protect the process of electronic components. When TVS transient suppression diode when the poles reverse high-energy shock, it can, at the rate of 10-12 s level between the two poles of the impedance change from high to low, to absorb as much as several kilowatts of power surge, potential between the poles clamp which is located in the preset value, effectively protect the electronic components of equipment from the damage of surge pulse.
TVS transient suppression diodes can attack features:
1. The reaction speed, can very good control energy leakage into the back-end circuit.
2. Ability to suppress voltage, voltage change little.
3. Low leakage current, minimum 1 mu A.
4. Voltage diversity, convenient and a variety of line selection.
5. Power diversity, can adapt to different degree of protection circuit is used
6. Packing: in tray
7. The environmental protection requirement: in accordance with ROHS, REACH requirements of environmental protection, etc
TVS transient suppression diodes, areas of application:
Household appliances; Electronic instruments; The instrument; Precision equipment; A computer system; Automotive electronics; Communications equipment; RS232, 485, and CAN communication port; ISDN protection; The I/O ports; IC circuit protection; Sound, video input; Ac and dc power supply; Motor, relay noise suppression, lightning protection and other fields.
Test validation services:
We are to provide clients with ITU - T K series full EMC testing services, ESD static testing services, the FCC Part68. GR1089 lightning testing services.
Test items:
1. The SURGE lightning SURGE test IEC61000-4-5 ITU - T k. 20 / k. 21 series standard
2. Power induction touch ITUT - T K series standard
3. ESD static test IEC61000-4-2

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