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What material does the chip capacitor have?

The chip capacitor can be classified into NPO capacitor, X7R capacitor, Z5U capacitor, Y5V capacitor, and capacitor.
X7R capacitor
X7R capacitor capacity in different voltage and frequency is not the same of, it also changes with the time change, about every 10 years change 1% delta C, 10 years changed about 5%.
The X7R capacitor is primarily used in the industrial use of low demand, and when the voltage changes, the capacity change is acceptable. Its main feature is the capacity of the electric capacity can do a relatively large under the same volume.
NPO capacitor
NPO is one of the most commonly used monolithic ceramic capacitors with temperature compensation characteristics.. It is composed of the filling medium, and some other rare rubidium samarium oxide.
NPO capacitor is one of the most stable capacitors and dielectric loss.. At temperatures from -55 to 125 DEG C. when the volume change is 0 + 30ppm/ C, capacitance with frequency change is less than 0.3 C. The drift of the NPO capacitor is less than 0.05%, and the relative is negligible for the film capacitance of 2%. The typical capacity of the relative service life is less than 0.1%. NPO capacitor varies with the form of the package and the dielectric loss varies with the frequency. The size of the large package is better than the size of the small package..
Z5U capacitor
Z5U capacitor as "universal" ceramic monolithic capacitor. The first requirement here is the use of temperature scale, the primary Z5U capacitor is its small and low cost. About the three kinds of ceramic monolithic capacitor said in the same volume of Z5U capacitor has the largest capacity. However, its capacity is affected by environment and working conditions, and its aging rate can reach 5% per 10 years..
Although its capacity is not stable, it has the low volume, equivalent series inductance (ESL) and the equivalent series resistance (ESR) and good frequency response, so it has the extensive use scale.. Especially in the use of the decoupling circuit..
Y5V capacitor
Y5V capacitor is a kind of universal capacitor with a certain temperature constraint, and its capacity can change from 85 to -82% in the scale of -30..
The high dielectric constant of Y5V allows to produce up to 4.7 F capacitor at a smaller physical scale..
The main difference between NPO, X7R, Z5U and Y5V is that they are different filling media.. In the same volume as the capacity of the capacitor which is not the same as the filling medium is not the same as the capacitor dielectric loss, capacity stability, etc.. Therefore, in the use of capacitors should be based on capacitors in the circuit as the same as not the same as the use of capacitors.
X7R capacitor is a temperature stable ceramic capacitor, suitable for industrial use of the low demand
-Z5U capacitor is characterized by small scale and low cost, especially suitable for decoupling circuit
The -Y5V capacitor is the worst, but the capacity is large, and can replace the electrolytic capacitor of low capacity



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