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Factors influencing the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), the lightning protection measures have?

The factors affecting the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) :
1, voltage: the higher the voltage, means that the voltage amplitude, the greater the launch more, impact sensitivity and low supply voltage.
2, frequency: high frequency more launch, the launch of periodic signals occur more. In high frequency single chip microcomputer system, when the equipment switch current spike occurred; In imitation system, current spike occurred when the load current changes.
3, grounding: in all of EMC in the title, the first title is not proper grounding. There are three kinds of signal grounding way: single point, multi-point and mix. At frequencies below 1 MHZ, can choose single point grounding way, but is not suitable for high frequency; In high frequency applications, had better choose multipoint earthing. Hybrid grounding is low frequency with single point grounding, and high frequency by multipoint earthing. Ground planning is the key to the high frequency digital circuits and low-level imitate circuit grounding circuit do not mix.
4, the coupling of the power: when the equipment switch, the transient current happen on the power cord, it is necessary to decay and filter out the transient current. From high di/dt source transient current causes the earth and stitch \"launch\" voltage, high di/dt in a wide range of high frequency current, and encourage components and cable radiation. Flowing through the conductor of the current change and inductance will cause the pressure drop, decrease the inductance or current change with time can make the minimum pressure drop.
Electromagnetic compatibility EMC hardware processing method, lightning protection method!
Outdoor use of single chip microcomputer system or from outdoor overhead introduces indoor power line, signal lines, for thinking system of lightning protection title. Common lightning protection equipment are: the gas discharge tube, TVS diode and so on. Gas discharge tube is when the power supply voltage is greater than a certain value, usually for tens of hundreds of V, V or gas discharge breakdown, strong impact on the power cord to a pulse into the earth. TVS can be seen as two parallel and opposite direction zener diode, when two voltage higher than a certain value conduction. Its characteristic is to transient after but hundreds of thousands of A current.
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